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Studying in the top universities of the world doesn’t have to give you a headache. You don’t have to toil and scheme to achieve your dreams. Here, we help you get into the college of your choice without you breaking a sweat.


United States

The United States has the some of the top universities in the world for any discipline. Choose from a wide range of top colleges in the land of the brave and free, and get your application started.



Canada is currently the top destination for people around the world. The education you get is world class, and you can readily find a job afterwards. There is no better time to go. Apply now.


United Kingdom

The UK consistently offers the top range for the best universities in the world. Studying in the UK gives you an academic and social edge you will hardly get elsewhere. Get the UK advantage!



Australia is home away from home in many regards. Join the thriving community of increasing international students, get a world class experience and you’re sure to never miss the feel of home!



France is a country backed by great history and present beauty. The physical allure and mental stimulation of France is without question, a no-brainer. Start your application process now.



Spain signifies culture, beauty, and ambience. In times past, it was the curious explorer’s dreamland. Since all students are curious explorers, Spain has all the academic answers you seek!



Germany, the cream of Europe, offers much more than a suave atmosphere, excellent music and an amazing scenery. Furthermore, its universities has some of the best academics in the world!



Poland offers the unique chance to enjoy the beautiful nature and great mountains of the land while using the Polish penchant for seriousness to your advantage. Poland is expecting you!



Turkey is where the choicest parts of Arabian culture meet the créme de la créme of European customs to create the perfect blend. By studying in Turkey, you get access to the best of both worlds!

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Your training matters!

Many times in life, the kind of results you get is directly proportional to the quality of your tools. The person traveling by air will arrive faster than the person traveling by road.

This is why you need to give your dreams a headstart, by studying where you can get the most relevant tools for today’s global economy.

All the travel assistance you need is right here.

Whatever information or resources you are trying to get, to make your study abroad process easier and more convenient, Silvercloud has the best options you can find. Let us help you!

University Selection

We will help you find the best fit for your study needs out of a list of world class universities.

Visa Assistance

We will process your visa application for you in the shortest time possible while you relax.

Coaching Centers

Get assistance with preparation for additional university exams and other relevant tests.

Overseas Internship

Explore the several opportunities to add to your relevant skills while studying abroad.

Health Insurance

Adequate covering for your health needs so you can study with assurance that you’re covered.

Travel Assistance

Everything you need to know before you travel, as well as when you arrive, is provided for you.

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We make the visa process faster

Dream about your preferred destination. We’ll get you the visa before you’re done.
Visa application has been made easy. Thanks to the right mix of knowledge, experience and people, Silvercloud will get you the visa to go where your dreams come true, and we will do it at the speed of your imagination.
It’s easy. Decide where you want to go, and let’s get your visa for you without stress.