3 Universities In The UK That Accept NECO Results


3 Universities In The UK That Accept NECO Results

This article covers the top 3 Universities in the UK that accept your  NECO (National

Examination Council) results from Nigeria. If you are a Nigerian student seeking universities in the UK that accept NECO results, then this article is for you.


In this article, we will provide you with all the necessary information about the top 3 universities that accept NECO results in the UK from Nigeria. We will guide you through the list of universities in the UK that are willing to accept your NECO results and explain what qualifications they require.


These universities stand out among their peers and offer exceptional opportunities for Nigerian students using their National Examinations Council results from Nigeria to apply. We strongly recommend that you consider these universities and take advantage of the opportunities they offer.


NECO, known as the National Examinations Council is an educational body in Nigeria that administers the Senior Secondary Certificate Examination and other exams in Nigeria during June/July and in  November/December. Before now, National Examination Council was exclusively used in Nigeria but over the years a lot has evolved.


In the past, NECO’s validity was limited for use within Nigeria alone, especially for students who would like to further their education. In cases where students do not meet up with the required number of credits for a particular course in the university, they can merge NECO results with WAEC (West African Examinations Council) and use it to apply for their chosen course only in Nigeria.


This is How NECO works in Nigeria


A student who is trying to gain admission to study Mass Communication into a university in Nigeria needs a minimum of  at least 5 credits in English, Mathematics, Literature in English,  Economics and Government and or Commerce.


The student has credit passes in three subjects in WAEC but has an ordinary pass in the rest of the subjects in the WAEC, the student can augment with NECO if he/she passed those subjects in NECO. But as stated earlier, that only happens in Nigeria back then and does not apply outside Nigeria. WAEC is what applies to all West African countries.

Brief History of NECO’s Inception In Nigeria

NECO was established in 1999 with the primary goal of providing a credible assessment of academic performance for all learners across Nigeria. It is worth noting that NECO was the first federal body in Nigeria to provide academic candidates with subsidized registration.This has helped to make education more accessible to a wider range of students.


The organization has since maintained a high level of credibility and has continued to provide quality services to students across the country. Overall, NECO’s contributions to the Nigerian education system are commendable.


NECO is widely recognized as one of the most reliable and trusted assessment bodies in Nigeria. Today, Its exams are recognized throughout Africa and provide a platform for measuring student’s achievement, aptitude, and skills.


This helps to ensure that education standards in Nigeria are of the highest quality. We strongly recommend that students take advantage of the opportunities provided by NECO to demonstrate their abilities and achieve their academic goals.


The Difference Between NECO and WAEC


WAEC and NECO are two major examination bodies in Nigeria. The primary difference between them is that NECO operates solely within Nigeria, while WAEC is an international examination authority that operates across borders.


WAEC has gained recognition in foreign countries, and its certifications are highly regarded. On the other hand, NECO’s certifications are not recognized abroad. Therefore, if one intends to pursue education or employment opportunities outside Nigeria, it is advisable to obtain a WAEC certification.


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A Positive Shift in the Difference Between NECO and WAEC


There is good news for Nigerian students today regarding NECO and the good news is that Nigerian students can now study abroad using their National Examinations Council results because some universities in the UK  have started accepting NECO results for admission into their schools.

This is a major breakthrough for Nigerian students seeking to study in the USA and Canada. This development has opened up more opportunities for Nigerian students to pursue their academic goals in foreign universities.


Nigerians seeking higher education abroad can now rejoice as more US and Canadian institutions have recognized the NECO certification apart from some universities in the UK which is the major focus in this article


This is a major step forward in smooth-running and accelerating the process of attaining qualifications abroad, which in the past took months or even years as students are required to sit certain international exams whose results they will use to apply to for studies abroad.


However, with this development, valuable opportunities that were once missed can now be seized. It is important to note that good grades are a requirement for Nigerian students using NECO results abroad.


It is advisable for interested students to start preparing for their NECO exams early and aim for excellent results to increase their chances of gaining admission into their preferred universities. This is a positive step towards improving the quality of education in Nigeria and boosting the country’s international reputation.


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Universities in the UK That Accept NECO Results.


Several universities in the UK have begun to recognize the National Examinations Council (NECO) results from Nigeria as a reliable means for potential students to pursue higher education. This development presents a unique opportunity for Nigerian students to further their studies abroad.


Below is a comprehensive list of universities in the UK that welcome applicants with National Examinations Council results. Prospective students are encouraged to explore these options and take advantage of this promising opportunity.


1. Kent University


Kent University, located in Canterbury, is the oldest university in the UK and is renowned for its exceptional teaching standards. The university offers a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate courses across various disciplines, including Art, History and Zoology.


Whether you’re interested in the arts or sciences, Kent University is sure to have a program that suits your academic interests. I highly recommend considering Kent University for your higher education needs.


Kent University is among the universities in the UK that have flexible requirements for admission. They accept NECO results as part of their admission process, which is a great opportunity for students who have taken the exam.


However, it is important to note that there are additional requirements that must be met. These requirements are necessary to ensure that students are well-prepared for the academic rigor of the university.


We highly recommend that students who have taken the NECO exam and are interested in attending Kent University should review these requirements carefully and ensure that they meet them. With Kent University’s acceptance of NECO results, students have a great chance of being admitted to this prestigious institution.


To be considered for admission to Kent University using your NECO, you must meet specific requirements which includes having a minimum of five subjects with a C or 6-grade point average, including English.


Additionally, foundation programs must be completed before proceeding into programs that require higher average grades. It is important to note that Kent University evaluates applicants based on their merit in addition to these requirements. We strongly encourage applicants to meet these standards and showcase their best qualities in their application.


2. Sheffield University


Sheffield University is another excellent choice for those looking to study in the UK with their NECO results. Located in South Yorkshire, England, it offers undergraduates and postgraduates a comprehensive education experience.


Sheffield boasts state of the art facilities and world-leading teaching staff, making it one of the most sought-after institutions in the country. With courses ranging from Medicine to Law and Business Management to Engineering, Nigerian students will surely find their courses here.


To be considered in Sheffield University using your National Examinations Council results as a valid qualification for admission,  you must meet the following conditions which are obtain a minimum of grade of C in English language in the National Examinations Council exam, have NECO results that are not more than five years old at the start of your program, and have good NECO results to be exempted from taking the IELTS exam. 


If you are unable to provide proof of English proficiency, it is possible to submit an official letter from a previous employer that certifies your competence in the language. The letter should include the date you began working for the company and describe how you utilized English in your role.

This documentation can be used to demonstrate your proficiency to potential employers or academic institutions. We highly recommend obtaining such a letter if you are in need of English proficiency certification.


3. Manchester University


Another university in the UK that accepts National Examination Council results from Nigerian students applying to study in the UK is Manchester University. Manchester University is a highly esteemed educational institution in the United Kingdom.


It has been providing top-notch education since its establishment in 2004. The university is pleased to accept applicants with National Examinations Council results, offering equal opportunities to all. Manchester University has produced an impressive list of alumni who have achieved great success in their respective fields, making them some of the most accomplished individuals worldwide. We strongly recommend considering Manchester University for your academic pursuits if you are applying with National Examinations Council results.


In this article, we have listed the top 3 universities in the UK that accept NECO results from Nigerian students aspiring to study abroad which are Manchester University, Sheffield University and Kent University. We also listed other qualifications and requirements that these universities require alongside your National Examination Council results.


If you would like to speak with a study abroad expert about how you can start your study abroad process, do well to message us here. We will be glad to assist you with your study abroad process.

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