Top 5 Amazing Tourist Destinations in Egypt

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Top 5 Amazing Tourist Destinations in Egypt

There are several tourist destinations you won’t want to miss on your next or first trip to Egypt, which is known for its gastronomy and culture displayed in beauty. Do you know where the best places to visit in Egypt are? Egypt, which is located in the northeastern corner of the African continent, attracts travelers from all over the world with its wealth and historical aura.

Visiting Egypt in 2022 would be a life-changing event for you, as it is packed with ancient structures left by warriors who battled for the country and blessed with nature that leaves travelers in wonder.

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Amazing Tourist Destinations in Egypt

Here is the list of tourists destinations in Egypt for travelers.

1.     Cairo

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Cairo is one of the world’s most populous cities and it is among the best tourist destinations you can visit in Egypt. Cairo is a city that travelers love in equal measure, as beautiful and rich in historic finery as it is perplexing and an assault on the senses to first-time visitors.

Noise, smog, and traffic can make the first visit to Egypt’s capital tough to manage, but the city has so much to offer visitors who look past its faults. Cairo is a vibrant city where you can get a true sense of Egyptian street life. A visit to Umm al-Dunya, as it is known among Arabs, is a must on any vacation to Egypt (The Mother of the World).

The Giza Pyramids, which lie right on the city’s doorstep, are the greatest tourist draw, but the city itself is loaded with famous monuments that span centuries of history. There are so many things to do in Cairo that you’ll only be able to see a fraction of everything in a single visit.

2.    Luxor

Luxor stands out among Egypt’s other cities for its abundance of historic tourist attractions and things to do for visitors. The abundance of ancient Egypt’s colossal temples and tombs surrounded with brilliant wall murals that can be visited here turns the town into an open-air museum, and if there are only so many monuments you can handle, there are hot-air ballooning and felucca rides to help you deal.

Ancient Thebes, the magnificent capital of the Middle Kingdom and New Kingdom pharaohs, began the gigantic tomb buildings securely buried amid the rocky valley of the West Bank by covering the banks of the Nile with their mammoth architectural works. The majestic Karnak Temple complex epitomizes their ambition, but there are so many temples here that you could easily spend a week simply drinking up Ancient Egypt’s ambition and magnificence.

3.    Aswan

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Aswan, which is spread out along the Nile’s banks, is a laid-back and welcoming town that offers a welcome respite if you’ve just arrived from bustling Luxor or Cairo. This is a great place to visit if you want to see the temples, monuments, and other tourist attractions in the southern parts of Upper Egypt, as well as the area’s distinct Nubian culture.

There are plenty of things to do within day-tripping distance of Aswan, which is the nearest town to Ramses II’s huge temples of Abu Simbel, the island temple of Philae, and the Nile-side Temple of Kom Omeo. The finest way to experience Aswan’s allure is to board a felucca (traditional sailboat) and explore the city from the aquatic roadway that previously served as a vital trading station.

The river is dotted with islands that are home to lovely mud-brick Nubian communities and is boxed in by the West Bank’s massive sand dunes. It’s all very photogenic, especially at sunset, when the river shimmers in the setting sun and hundreds of lateen-sailed feluccas take to the water. Aswan is one of the best spots in Egypt to visit for photographers who want to capture classic Nile beauty.

4.    Alexandria

It was founded by Alexander the Great. It was ruled by Queen Cleopatra. The birth and early history of Alexandria is littered with well-known names. The Great Library of Alexandria and the huge Pharos Lighthouse, one of the seven wonders of the ancient world, were located in this sparkling jewel of a city on the Mediterranean.

Alexandria was a bohemian tourist attraction in more recent times, from the late 19th century through the 1950s, with a glittering cast of writers, poets, and artists who made the city their home. Despite the fact that, unlike Cairo and Luxor, Alexandria has few actual ancient sites and things to do, it is one of the greatest places to visit in Egypt for capturing a sense of days gone by grandeur.

5.    Hurghada

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Hurghada is Egypt’s most famous and oldest resort among the tourist destinations in Egypt. Offshore, the colorful and bizarre Red Sea world of coral and fish life that first brought Hurghada to international attention has mushroomed into a resort city catering directly to tourism, while on solid ground, the once small fishing settlement has mushroomed into a resort city catering directly to tourism.

Northern Europeans (who make up the majority of Hurghada’s tourism intake) will find this to be an ideal winter getaway, with sandy white beaches and clear blue skies all year. While lying on the beach is Hurghada’s main tourist draw, there are lots of other activities available, both in the water and on dry land, for those seeking adventure.

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