9 Part-Time Jobs for Students in Canada

Part-Time Jobs for Students

9 Part-Time Jobs for Students in Canada

There are numerous part-time jobs for students in Canada, which helps them meet their educational and living expenses to some extent. Furthermore, it allows them to gain valuable Canadian work experience that will be beneficial in their future careers.

Studying abroad, particularly in a country like Canada, can be costly. With high tuition fees, living costs, and other leisure activities, one way to alleviate the burden is to work part-time, either on or off-campus.

Canada is one of the most popular destinations for international students due to its high educational quality, wide range of courses, cultural diversity, and excellent career opportunities. The Canadian visa allows students to work 20 hours per week in a paid job. Students enrolled in an intensive course, on the other hand, are advised to work 12 hours per week. Let’s take a closer look at international students’ part-time jobs in Canada.


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Part-Time Jobs for Students in Canada

A student in Canada with a study permit may work up to 20 hours per week. The good news is that there are several part-time jobs available in the country that allow students to work around their schedules. The following are the top 9 part-time jobs for students in Canada:

1.    Dog Walker

 Part-Time Jobs for Students

In Canada, dog walkers, also known as pet sitters, are in high demand. They walk their clients’ dogs, provide them with food and water, and are in charge of transporting the pet to the veterinarian when necessary.

People nowadays are so preoccupied with their lives that they are willing to pay someone to take their dog for a walk. Crazy, but insanely good. There are numerous dog walking companies to which you could apply, or you could work for yourself.

If you choose the latter, keep in mind that if you live in a big city, you may be required to obtain a municipal license. That’s usually a simple process that you can set up on Google, after which it’s just a matter of finding customers, rounding up your dogs, and hitting the streets!

2.    Freelancer

 Part-Time Jobs for Students

If you enjoy working from home and on your own schedule, this is the job for you. A student in Canada can work as a freelance writer, web designer, copywriter, graphic designer, or translator.

Freelance jobs pay well, depending on the client and the quality of work you produce. You can expect to be paid up to $25 per hour on average.

3.    Cook

 Part-Time Jobs for Students

Cooking is one of the popular part-time jobs for students in Canada. A cook’s duties include preparing meals, adhering to the menu, and adhering to food health and safety standards. If you believe you have a talent for cooking, working as a chef in a foreign country could be very rewarding.

4.    Sales Assistant

 Part-Time Jobs for Students

The role of a dependable sales assistant entails increasing sales volume and maintaining regular contact with important customers. A sales assistant also works with a sales team to monitor active purchases and ensure that orders are delivered on time. This position necessitates excellent communication skills, computer literacy, and product knowledge.

A great weekend job when town and city centers are crowded with shoppers. Obviously, the pace of the job varies depending on where you work, from a clothing boutique to a corner store to a supermarket.

In either case, the pay is consistent, and some sales assistants even receive small commissions on sales!

5.    Server/Bartender

Part-Time Jobs for Students

If you want to work in the service industry or just need something to do at night, this is the job for you. Serving/bartending jobs are typically only available on weeknights or weekends.

While the hourly wage is lower than the others, this part-time job gives you more free time to focus on your studies, and if you do well, you may even receive large tips from generous customers. So how much you earn is entirely dependent on the establishment in which you work, your customers, and your time. You can expect to be paid $11.00 per hour on average (tips not included).

6.    Nanny

Part-Time Jobs for Students

A job as a nanny is one of the simplest part-time jobs for students in Canada. This is the job for you if you enjoy working with children. A nanny’s primary responsibilities include caring for the children, organizing their daily schedules, transporting them to and from school and other activities, cleaning and laundry, and so on.

7.    Barista

 Part-Time Jobs for Students

On the hourly pay scale, it’s a step up from bartending or waiting, but it doesn’t come with the same lucrative tips. That being said, you will learn how to make great coffee; it is not a difficult skill to learn.

Plus, if you work the morning shift, you’ll see people literally transform from drowsy zombies to caffeine-charged humans in the span of a single drink. This is practically one of the part-time jobs for students in Canada.

8.    Tutor

 Part-Time Jobs for Students

This is one of the best part-time jobs for students in Canada if you have a lot of knowledge and experience in certain subjects and the patience to teach others. Tutoring allows you to pick your own niche and market. You can teach any subject you want, and your students can range from elementary school to university/college level.

You can expect to be paid $15-20 per hour on average, depending on the subject you teach and the number of students you enroll.

9.  Ridesharing or Delivery Driver

 Part-Time Jobs for Students

If you enjoy driving and want to explore Canada while earning extra money, becoming an Uber or Lyft driver is part of the popular part-time jobs for students in Canada. Because of its accessibility and flexibility, this job is ideal. Your time is completely under your control, and all you’ll need is a driver’s license (you must be at least 21 years old), a car, and a phone.

Your earnings will vary depending on how frequently you drive, but as a ridesharing driver, you can expect to earn between $14 and $25 per hour.


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