5 Outstanding Computer Science Programs in the USA

Computer science

5 Outstanding Computer Science Programs in the USA

Computer Science is a well-known field of study that has applications in practically every industry. It provides new graduates with a wide range of employment opportunities in a growing field, including software engineering, website building, programming, and information security. The abilities you will learn in this degree can be used to many different employment sectors and range from report writing to programming languages. Continue reading to discover five more top computer science programs in the United States

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1.     Undergraduate Foundation Program + Bachelor of Science – Computer Science

Study at one of Washington’s oldest campuses while taking in the state’s beautiful scenery and rich history. Washington State University (WSU) has gained worldwide recognition at the state and federal levels for its technology, diversity, and safety. The program’s degree type and expenses are listed below:

Program Type: 4–12 month ESL program plus a 4–8 month pathway transfer to a 4–year bachelor’s degree
Average Cost of Living: US$12,114 per year
Tuition: US$27,732 per year
Application Fee: Free

The  Bachelor’s in science at WSU is a traditional computer science degree and both fundamental and advanced computer science coursework. Additionally, students can enhance their areas of interest by taking classes in other disciplines including software engineering, high-performance computing, data science, artificial intelligence, or security, human-computer interaction

A foundational undergraduate ESL course is part of this curriculum, which offers excellent English language assistance to international students.

2.    Bachelor of Arts – Informatics

While attending the esteemed University of Iowa, take advantage of the state’s low cost of living, green fields, and tranquil neighborhoods (UI). In addition to computer science, UI is well-known for its renowned academic medical center, championship-winning athletic teams, and top-notch writing programs. Here is a breakdown of this degree’s expenses:

Program Type: 4-year bachelor’s degree including an optional internship
Average Cost of Living: US$11,780 per year
Tuition: US$30,036 per year
Application Fee: US$80

The Informatics program at the University of Iowa blends computational sciences with the arts and humanities to solve problems by applying algorithmic tools, computing, and manipulating data. Students can pursue graduate studies in linguistics, music, health informatics, and other fields by taking this course. Additionally, the program provides an internship opportunity.

3.    Bachelor of Science – Computing Security (Co-Op)

While attending the Rochester Institute of Technology, live in the vibrant metropolis part of New York (RIT). This college is renowned for its technology, engineering, and computing degrees. Here is a short breakdown of the price of a computing security degree:

Program Type: 4-year bachelor’s degree including 8 months of co-op
Average Cost of Living: US$15,000 per year
Tuition: US$53,720 per year
Application Fee: US$65

Students can gain a solid foundation in programming and mathematics as well as eight months of co-op work experience through RIT’s Computing Security Co-Op program. Advanced subjects are also covered in this program, including cyber analytics and intelligence, software security, privacy, and digital forensics and malware. For undergraduate students with exceptional academic records, RIT offers accelerated dual degree possibilities.

4.    Bachelor of Science – GIScience and Environmental Data Analytics

Study abroad in the Diamond State, which is close to the University of Delaware and features popular historical sites and beaches (UD). UD offers several computer science programs and is dedicated to excellence in graduate and undergraduate education, research, and service. The degree type and expenses for this program are as follows:

Program Type: 4-year bachelor’s degree
Average Cost of Living: US$16,008 per year
Tuition: US$34,160 per year
Application Fee: US$75
In its core curriculum, UD’s GIScience and Environmental Data Analytics program covers computer science, electrical engineering, geography, and mathematics to develop students’ excellent data-handling abilities. Cybersecurity, data mining, and environmental data science are some of the studied fields.

5.    Bachelor of Science – Mathematics and Computer Science (College of Computing and Digital Media)

International students can study at DePaul University in Chicago in an exciting environment because Illinois’  famous architecture, popular cuisine, and vibrant and dynamic music scene. According to Forbes and the Princeton Review, this university is among the top institutions in the Midwest. Let’s examine the program’s cost and degree type:

Program Type: 4-year bachelor’s degree
Average Cost of Living: US$18,500 per year
Tuition: US$41,361 per year
Application Fee: Free

The goal of this mathematics and computer science program is to prepare students for postgraduate work and professions in fields like software development, theoretical computer science, graphics, and artificial intelligence. The results of learning include mathematically measuring the effectiveness of a computing solution, choosing appropriate algorithms and data structures, and modeling a computation problem.

There are many job options in the field of computer science, which is constantly expanding. If this field of study sounds like it’s right for you, we can support you in achieving your professional objectives. Speak with us for assistance in making your decision about studying abroad or visit our website, www.silvercloudtravelsng.com today.

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