11 Incredible Facts About Trinity College Dublin

Trinity College

11 Incredible Facts About Trinity College Dublin

Trinity College Dublin is Ireland’s oldest and best-ranked high-level educational institution, it is rich in history and facts. It is also one of Britain’s and Ireland’s seven ancient universities, as well as Ireland’s oldest university. In terms of rankings, it is the best. It is also one of Britain’s and Ireland’s seven ancient universities, as well as Ireland’s oldest university.

It was founded in 1592 and has produced some of Ireland’s most famous literary figures, including Oscar Wilde and Samuel Beckett, as well as political figures like Theobald Wolfe Tone, Henry Grattan, and President Mary Robinson. However, some secrets remain hidden at this prestigious university.


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Facts about Trinity College Dublin

Here are some interesting facts about trinity college Dublin that you might not know.

1.     It Wasn’t the First University in Ireland

Although Trinity is frequently referred to as Ireland’s oldest university, it was not the first. The then Archbishop of Dublin petitioned Pope Clement V in 1311 to issue papal grants for the construction of Dublin’s first university. The Medieval University of Dublin was founded in 1320, but it struggled financially for the next two centuries, eventually disappearing during the Protestant Reformation.


2.   The Architecture is Amazing and World-Renowned

Trinity College

The university’s campus is full of beautiful historical structures and internationally recognized architecture. It’s a peaceful environment with a collegiate feel, similar to the universities of Cambridge and Oxford. The Graduates Memorial Building, Museum Building, and the Rubrics are among the most magnificent structures on campus.


3.    It Started Off as a Monastery

Trinity College was founded on the grounds of a former Catholic monastery, the Augustinian Priory of All Hallows, which had been disbanded by King Henry VIII as part of the Monasteries Dissolution. In 1592, Adam Loftus, the Archbishop of Dublin at the time, and several others petitioned Queen Elizabeth I for a royal charter to establish a university in Dublin in order to train new clergy ministers and support the Protestant Reformation.


4.    The University has an Impressive History

The university was founded in 1592, under the reign of Elizabeth I of England. That means it has seen civil wars, revolutions, the unification of the United Kingdom, and independence, as well as roughly 20 different monarchs.

Queen Victoria paid a visit to the college in 1900, and women were admitted for the first time in 1904!


5.     It wasn’t Always in the Heart of the City

Trinity College, albeit today in the center of the city, was founded outside and to the east of Dublin’s walled city at the time of its creation. The city borders increased swiftly as the population swelled and it developed into the capital. The neighboring sections of Dame Street, Westmoreland Street, and D’Olier Street were formed during the 18th-century redevelopment of Dublin by enlarging formerly narrow, medieval streets.


6.    Trinity College Dublin has Notable Alumni

With almost 400 years of history, it’s no surprise that Trinity has produced a diverse group of successful alumni. Actors Allen Leech, Aisling Bea, Dominic West, and Ruth Negga have all attended the university. The CEOs of Qantas, Aer Lingus, Ryanair, and British Airways are all graduates of the university.

Sally Rooney, Oscar Wilde, Jonathan Swift, Eoin Colfer, and Bram Stoker, as well as scientists Robert Mallet, Caroline Hussey, Suzanne O’Sullivan, and George Johnstone Stoney, all strolled its hallowed halls.


7.    The Kells’ Book

The Book of Kells, a Gospel Book from the 9th century, is housed at Trinity College Dublin’s famous library and is one of the most famous books in the world. The book is made up of 340 vellum leaves with inscriptions written in iron gall ink. There are many full-page paintings of animals and portraits in vibrant colors on its pages, in addition to the Latin texts.

Students at the university also have the opportunity to view the book for free!


8.    The Campanile is famous

Trinity College

The almost 100-foot-tall granite campanile – or bell tower – in Trinity College’s main square was added in 1853. Tourists come to this gorgeous monument in front of the college’s main gate, but students are wary of passing beneath it while the bell is tolling, as it is said that any student who passes beneath it while the bell is tolling will fail their college exams. A celebratory walk under the campanile on graduation day is a rite of passage.

9.    There are Numerous Interesting Urban Legends

Trinity also has some pretty cool urban legends that date back hundreds of years. According to legend, there is an underground wine cellar beneath the college’s front square that a select few students gain access to each year on the night of the Trinity Ball.

Another legend says that carrying a sword was part of the college uniform, and students could be fined if they didn’t. This rule was apparently never repealed, though carrying a sword on campus today would undoubtedly be considered illegal.


10.    Trinity College Library is one of the Most Incredible in the World

Trinity College

It houses the Book of Kells and the Brian Boru harp, which is Ireland’s national symbol. It also houses a copy of the Irish Republic Proclamation of 1916. It has over seven million books as a copyright library and serves as the legal deposit for the Republic of Ireland and the United Kingdom.


11.    It has a Copy of Every Book Printed in Britain and Ireland

Due to its status as a legal deposit library, the library at Trinity College Dublin is entitled to at least one free copy of every publication published in Ireland. It also has the right to request any book published in the United Kingdom. Since its founding in 1801, the library has amassed a collection of over five million books, the majority of which are housed off-campus but can be ordered. After graduation, Trinity College alumni have the right to use this great service.


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