15 Important things to do in Canada as a New Student


15 Important things to do in Canada as a New Student

Are you ready to come to Canada? I’m happy to see that you now have a student visa and are good to go! If your school is on the list here, you can now travel to Canada. Continue reading to see the list of things to do as a new international student, in addition to having the ArriveCAN, Visa, all documents, your quarantine plan (or full immunization), etc.

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Things to do on Arrival

Here are the important things to do on your arrival in Canada as a new students

1) Obtain your study permit

Even though this is inevitable, many new students do not know. The majority of international students if not all of them have a temporary resident visa from their country. Upon arrival, a study permit is issued. To prevent unnecessary delay, pack your documents in your hand luggage.

2) Obtain your Social Insurance

You need to get your Social Insurance Number(S.I.N) if your study permit allows you to work in Canada . Upon arrival at the airport, you may even be able to get one (ask there). If not, you can find details on how to apply for Service Canada here.

3) Arrange accommodation

You may need to do this prior to arrival and have a place to quarantine (even if it’s a temporary apartment) given the present COVID situation. Incase if  you don’t know anyone in the city, university residence (or an Airbnb for the first few days) might be your best option. Make sure you have a place to stay.

3b) Accommodation

If possible, avoid a basement apartment if your preferred option is to live off-campus. Even though basement flats are affordable, they are also very cold, and as we like to say, winter is no joke. Additionally, look for other students to share a house with.

4) Attend your orientation events

This is crucial! You can learn more about your program, university, things to do or not do, and network with people here. At the orientation, you might also find someone with whom to share a house. Additionally, orientations are now primarily online due to the COVID-19 problem.

5) Submit copies of your study permit/docs

Some institutions require you to submit your documents upon arrival, although i am not sure if this is common practice in all universities.

Find out if this applies to you, then take the necessary steps. The universities might need this to update immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) about your status as a students.

6) Get your student ID Card

There are a lot of other benefits that comes with having a student ID. Some of the benefits are free bus pass, library access, access to recreational facilities, and access to university events. In fact, your ID might be enough to enter some university buildings, so get one as soon as possible.

7) Register for classes

One of the benefits of attending orientation is that you get to know about the classes to register for. Make sure to register as soon as possible because some classes have limited number of spaces that can be filled quickly. All, speak with the international office or the program coordinator for guidance.

8) Update your address

Don’t forget to update your address and other information on your university/student account once you have a Canadian address your student account will still show your old contact and address information when you applied for admission until you decide to change it.

9) Sort out your health insurance or health card

The majority of international students receive health and dental insurance through their student union and representatives. For confirmation, you can approach your international student office to confirm this.
To see a physician, you may also need to have a health card in some provinces;  find out if this is applicable to you and get a card as soon as possible.

10) Bank Account

The well-known Canadian banks are TD,RBC,Scotia,BMO, and CIBC. Finding the one that offers the best incentive for you as a student is what i will advise you to do. In other to understand your options, you may need to have a session with a financial advisor.

Book that meeting ASAP. Additionally, change your currency at the bank rather than the airport if you are traveling to Canada with foreign currencies or US dollars. The exchange rates offered by banks will be better.

11) Get a Phone (Number)

Canada has a large number of phone service providers. Find out which company is providing the most incentive for student. If you already own a good phone, you may consider buying a prepaid number or signing a phone contract in order to avoid paying extra cost of a new phone.

12) Get a Driver’s Licence

In Canada, driving is an essential activity. If you want to buy a car or drive in Canada, find out the licensing process and start the process as soon as you can. Each province has various requirements for getting a license. Additionally, getting a license is important because some jobs in Canada would require you have a Canadian driver’s license.

13) Get a Provincial ID Card

The weather in Canada may or may not be extremely cold depending on when you arrive in Canada. Get the necessary clothing if you are living in the Prairies (provinces of Saskatchewan and Manitoba), where winters can be extremely cold. Ensure you buy your winter jacket, hand gloves, boots, etc ASAP. Visit thrift stores if you are on a tight budget.

14) Prepare for Winter

When you travel to Canada, the weather may or may not be extremely cold. If you live in the Prairies (the provinces of Saskatchewan and Manitoba), where winters may be severe, be sure you have the necessary clothes. Make sure to buy your winter coat as soon as you can, along with your hand gloves, boots, etc. Visit thrift shops if you are on a tight budget.

15) Adhere to health protocols, put in the work, have fun

Breaking the rules here could have serious consequences. All work and no play, put your effort in the work and enjoy reasonably. A healthy work-life balance is essential for academic success.

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