Top 7 Best Universities in UK to Study Politics


Top 7 Best Universities in UK to Study Politics

Politics and political studies are ways of gaining an understanding of how power is dispersed in society. It has an impact on how countries and states make decisions.

Studying politics in the UK will give international students an understanding of the key dynamics of various political systems around the world, as well as how governments deal with crises, debt, human rights, and the nature of society.

Politicians must have great verbal communication skills, as well as logical and analytical thinking abilities and meticulous attention to detail. A good intellectual background, active participation in campaigns and other political activities, and a grasp of politics, society, and culture are all required for becoming a politician.

Politics, history, and philosophy the intersection of these three disciplines have always been enthralling subjects to study! What could be more fascinating than earning a bachelor’s or master’s degree from a prestigious university?

The constitutional structure and eminent political administration of a country like the United Kingdom are widely known. As a result, graduating as a political student in the UK is like catching two birds with one stone!


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7 Best Universities in UK to Study Politics

Are you ready to unleash your inner politician and hone your leadership and management skills? here are the 7 universities to choose from

1.    University of Oxford


The top university for studying politics and international relations in the UK is the University of Oxford, ranked third in the world. The program attempts to educate students in three main areas of the subject: government and politics, international relations and organizations, and political theory and philosophy.

As Oxford’s eminent political theorists and historians come together to create a crystal clear course framework, this course in this university gains greater attention and popularity. Oxford graduates have a wide choice of career options, so you can either go for it or earn a master’s degree at this prestigious institution.

The University of Oxford also has a number of different political party organizations, all of which are active campaigners and hold events with local MPs and political figures, as well as do charity work. Oxford University has educated 28 British prime ministers, including Boris Johnson, the current Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

2.    Durham University

Durham University is another of the best universities in the UK to choose from, offering a diverse range of courses in politics, economics, and sociology. With over 20 courses, the school of politics offers both undergraduate and postgraduate degrees.

Durham University graduates have gone on to have successful careers in fields such as law, politics, journalism, and civil services.

3.    University of Cambridge


The University of Cambridge, another pro in the field, offers undergrad programs in history and politics, as well as human, social, and political sciences. While the former offers a mix of contemporary politics and historical perspectives, the latter’s course structure focuses on combining modern sociology, anthropology, and international relations all on one plate

The University of Cambridge is ranked third in the United Kingdom and sixth in the world for politics and international relations. Their program investigates domestic and international politics, ranging from human rights to international conflict. Among the university’s alumni are 15 British prime ministers and a slew of other world leaders.

Those interested in a career in this field should consider joining one of the university’s many political clubs, which regularly host high-profile speakers and panel discussions on current issues. Cambridge Defend Education, Cambridge Zero Carbon, and the CUSU Ethical Affairs Campaign are just a few of the campaign groups you can join.

Cambridge graduates are in high demand for jobs, and alumni of this prestigious university can be considered pioneers in public administration, civil services, the law, journalism, and public relations.

4.   University of Bath

The University of Bath provides political degrees and programs that focus on issues such as political upheaval and power-handling techniques. The university provides a firm foundation in political systems and concepts, as well as current global concerns, in a world that is regularly shaken by dramatic revolutions.

The study of political ideas and concepts is combined with the study of global affairs in this degree. You will learn the information and analytical skills necessary to comprehend and respond to current international and domestic socio-political concerns, such as political polarization and climate change. You can personalize your degree to your interests by studying politics and international relations together.

With expertise in conflict studies, international relations, security, nationalism, and other fields.  Pursuing a politics degree at Bath opens the door to a plethora of employment opportunities after graduation. This important factor makes the university one of the best in the UK for studying politics.

5.    University of Glasgow


Studying politics at a university like Glasgow is always a plus. As a politics student at this university, you will study concepts such as international relations, political theory, and British politics over the course of three or four years.

The curriculum as a whole is designed to keep students engaged, and subjects are open to interpretation and debate. Furthermore, one distinguishing feature of the program is that the syllabus structure is heavily focused on a quantitative foundation, including data analysis and other numerical case studies. These factors combine to make it one of the best universities in the UK for studying politics.

6.   University of Portsmouth

The University of Portsmouth, ranked last on the list, is one of the best universities in the UK. As an undergrad, you can major in this field, history with a focus on politics, or international relations. The last two courses are honors courses.

The syllabus for each course ranges from Brexit to global intervention in North Korea, requiring you to study and comprehend how the political world works. In addition, the course structure emphasizes the development of your research and analytical skills while learning about historical events that led to the current administration system. To make the subject more interesting, you will learn about British history, the war and its impact on international relations, and an in-depth analysis of global trends.

7.    King’s College London


Graduates of King’s College London’s School of Politics and Economics have gone on to careers in policymaking, government, development, law, journalism, and banking.

King’s Politics BA/BSc “offers a demanding and stimulating programme of study covering international politics, comparative politics, and political theory, with an emphasis on developing your analytical and research skills.”

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