6 Triple-Accredited Business Schools in the UK for International Students


6 Triple-Accredited Business Schools in the UK for International Students

International students can attend triple-accredited business schools in the United Kingdom. “Triple accreditation” is a term that can be found in business schools and reputable academic institutions for professional and career advancement. Receiving a certificate or degree from a school with Triple accreditation is worth its weight in gold in business, indicating not only the school’s stellar reputation but also the individual’s strong work ethic and drive to excel in business overall.

Before a business institution can be accredited it is based on the high standard and quality of academic offerings provided by the school. Accreditation is granted based on the quality of the school’s teaching, the caliber of its staff and faculty, and the student evaluation.

While accreditation from one or two of the governing bodies is prestigious in and of itself, holding the Triple is highly valued in the world of business schools. This is due to the stringent set of standards that an institution must meet in order to receive an award from all three of the leading business academic organizations. At its most basic level, the accreditation is dedicated to maintaining a high level of business education and advancing entrepreneurs and business-minded individuals in their programs.

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What are Triple Accredited Business Schools?

The star recognition provided by the combined body of AACSB in the United States, AMBA in the United Kingdom, and EQUIS in the European Union are known as triple accreditation or triple crown accreditation for business schools.

The importance of obtaining an MBA from a triple-accredited business school is that the business program will be of the highest quality and will be recognized by employers worldwide. So you can expect to stand out while looking for work!

Without further ado…

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Triple accredited business schools in the UK

If you are an international student interested in becoming a business leader or in the planning, running, and operations of a company, pursuing an undergraduate or postgraduate business degree in London can put you on the right track. Learn more about the UK’s top six triple-accredited business schools.

1.  University of Birmingham


The University of Birmingham’s Birmingham Business School is one of the top triple-accredited business schools in the UK. The school aims to develop young businessmen and women into leaders with a forward-thinking vision and innovative business strategies.

The courses and degrees available here are diverse. Aside from undergraduate and graduate degrees, they have also started research studies and a few online programs! Lessons cover topics such as business administration, finance, economics, statistics, accounting, and banking. One of the important factors that distinguish this business school is its mission, which allows students to interact with industry professionals and be a part of an integrated learning environment. The students are also exposed to a diverse range of career opportunities!

Examine the best courses at the University of Birmingham.

2. University of Kent


The University of Kent’s Kent Business School is ranked among the top 30 business schools in the United Kingdom. They strive to develop leaders and innovators in students and to help them excel in business, administration, finance, and education. This university has more vibrant feathers in its cap thanks to outstanding state-of-the-art facilities and a hub dedicated to research and innovation!

This school offers undergraduate degrees in accounting, finance, investment, management, and international business. Postgraduate courses in these fields are also available. This school’s ASPIRE program is one of the best places to develop as a budding entrepreneur and broaden your career options!

3. Durham University

Durham Business School, founded in 1965, is one of the best triple-accredited business schools. It is also one of the oldest in the United Kingdom. This school is ranked 45th in the Finance Times European Business School rankings. In addition, as a triple-accredited business school in the United Kingdom, this school is among the top 1% of global institutions.

The Durham Business School also provides a diverse range of courses in business, finance, management, and economics. Aside from that, the campus’s unique and historical setting, combined with an exceptional setup of integrated teaching programs, distinguishes Durham Business School from others.

4.  University of Leeds


Leeds Business School is also one of the Triple-accredited universities in the UK. With its structured and organized faculty excellence and sustainability in a course format, this university primarily focuses on making an exceptional global impact.

Again, there is a wide variety of courses to choose from. All of the courses are primarily concerned with the advancement of knowledge within the business school through the use of innovative research teaching methods. Leeds Business School has six major departments where you can work on your thesis.

5.  University of Glasgow


The Adam Smith Business School at the University of Glasgow is one of the top 1% of triple-accredited business schools in the UK. The course structure allows students to investigate, research, and analyze complex issues in business and management in order to develop strategic solutions.

The syllabus is organized as integrated study programs, which allow students to have an interactive study experience rather than boring classes. One of their strengths is combining world-class research and teaching.

6. University of Bradford


Last but not the least, Bradford University was one of the triple-accredited business schools in the UK, it was named “Business School of the Year 2021”! Their dedication to driving economic and social work during the COVID 19 pandemic has earned them the title of “superhero” among the underprivileged.

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Coming up, the courses offered at this triple-accredited business school in the United Kingdom will primarily focus on developing future leaders and business sharks who will make the world a better place through improved economic conditions! Bradford Business School has also partnered with a variety of industrial partners to learn more about the changing business landscape.

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