9 Ways Studying Abroad can Boost your Resume/CV

Studying Abroad

9 Ways Studying Abroad can Boost your Resume/CV

If you’re wondering if studying abroad will have impact on your career, the answer is yes! As an international student, you will gain many practical skills that will be useful in the workplace. Sharing these skills—and how they assisted you in excelling in your studies and life abroad on your resume may also help you land your dream job. Studying abroad experience on a resume is impressive and it will influence your professional career, besides being a lifetime adventure. Below is an overview of some of the key skills you will gain while studying abroad that will help your resume.

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1.     Adaptability

Sharing with prospective employers that you have studied abroad shows them that you can thrive in new situations and adapt well to change. A candidate who thrives in a fast-paced, ever-changing environment is a strong candidate, and demonstrating this ability can help propel your resume to the top of the pile! Adaptability is one of the top skills employers are looking for as by the recruitment specialists Clevry

2.    Cross-cultural Communication

Studying abroad can help you improve your cross-cultural and interpersonal skills significantly. Experiencing a  different culture allows you to interact with locals and gain an appreciation for their culture. It also opens your eyes to how people from other cultures communicate, behave, and dress. This allows you to better understand cross-cultural differences over time. You’ll complete your studies and enter the workforce with an open mind, which will allow you to thrive in an increasingly global workforce. Furthermore, this skill may indicate that you have prior foreign language experience. Many industries have a constant demand for employees who speak multiple languages, increasing your chances of landing a good job.

3.    Independence

When you decide to study abroad, you often do so on your own, leaving behind your close friends and family. This means you’re living outside your comfort zone, meeting new people, and navigating situations on your own. Though you may not feel at ease at first, with patience and perseverance, you will be able to adjust to your new surroundings and develop a sense of independence. You will learn to look after yourself while studying abroad. This also boosts your self-confidence.

4.    Multitasking

As an international student, you will mastered the art of multitasking. You’ll practice juggling multiple responsibilities on a daily basis and also balancing your course load, try to learn a new language, and understand the public transit system. This skill is especially useful in project management roles. Mastering multitasking shows that you have excellent time management skills, as well as the ability to manage stress.

5.    Critical Thinking

When you travel to a new country, you will encounter cultural differences. The local way of life is probably different from what you were used to in your home country. You’ll learn how to deal with new situations as you adjust. You can strengthen your problem-solving skills by cultivating an open mindset. You’ll learn to think on your feet, which means acting decisively and effectively in the heat of the moment, as well as to ‘think outside the box,’ which means thinking from an unexpected or new perspective.

6.    Initiative

Studying abroad shows your ability to take  initiative and pursue new experiences. This shows employees that you’re willing to try something new, unique and foreign, even if it means dealing with uncertainty. You will also be recognized as a resourceful individual. Showing initiative and leadership can help you land almost any job.

Studying abroad impresses employers and provides you with topics to discuss in an interview. As an international student, you will encounter a variety of situations that will translate  well into situational and behavioral interview questions. Your international experience can help you become more self-independent, adaptable, and understanding. Many international students are also excellent multitaskers, problem solvers, and have initiative. These skills will help you stand out as a strong candidate for different of roles.

7.    Gain Leadership Skills

One of the most important ways that studying abroad will prepare you for the rest of your life is by assisting you in developing important leadership skills and qualities. Traveling the world and meeting new people teaches you to be open-minded, to take initiative, and to gain valuable skills that can help you become a leader.

8.    Resilience

You probably had a lot to overcome during your time studying abroad: nothing valuable comes easily. Whether it was missing home or overcoming a language barrier, you must have showed significant amounts of resilience along the way – you’re still standing, right? This will impress employers because it demonstrates your ability to deal with change and hardship, utilizing them to your advantage rather than allowing them to be your downfall.

9.    Work Experience

Work experience on your resume is always highly valued by employers. Gaining work experience in a new country, in particular, will improve your employment prospects because it demonstrates your motivation, organization, and international outlook.

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