9 Amazing Jobs you can do with a Business Degree

business degree

9 Amazing Jobs you can do with a Business Degree

A business degree is one of the most popular degrees pursued by higher education applicants and students worldwide. This top-ranked professional degree provides a diverse range of lucrative career opportunities as well as rapid career advancement for a graduate. A business degree is an excellent way to develop many of the transferable skills required for working in a business.

You can pursue a variety of business degrees, the most common of which is an undergraduate business studies degree. Accounting, finance, management, and, increasingly, entrepreneurship are common subjects covered in a business studies degree. This broad range of topics reflects the multidisciplinary nature of business and the importance of understanding all of the key elements required to run a successful business. Let’s talk about jobs that you can do with a degree in business.


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What is a Business Degree?

A business degree teaches finance, marketing, management, and administration theories, as well as how to apply these theories to real-world problems, in order to prepare students for the fast-paced, ever-changing business world.

There are numerous business degree specializations available at the Bachelor’s level. Among the options are:




Human Resources

Healthcare Management

International Business


Public Administration

Healthcare Administration/Management


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Jobs you can do with a Business Degree

Now let us look at what you can do with a business degree

1.    Business Analyst

business degree

Average annual salary: $74,469

14 % job growth

As a business analyst, you will use your business expertise and knowledge to observe marketing and business trends and apply your findings to the development of the business or firm with which you are working. To be a successful business analyst, you must have a combination of business acumen, analytical thinking, research abilities, and excellent communication skills.

2.    Logistics Manager

A Logistics Manager is the person in charge of purchasing and shipping products or goods throughout a supply chain. This position is critical for keeping the operation on track (and on a budget).

Salary: $74,590 on average

Growth is expected to be 7%.

B.S. in Operations & Supply Chain Management is a recommended business degree.

Logistics managers are in charge of many aspects of the supply chain, such as transportation, warehousing, and inventory control. They frequently spend a significant amount of time visiting supply chain points. The efficiency of a company’s supply chain has a significant impact on its profitability, and logistics managers play an important role in this component.

3.    Marketing Analyst

business degree

Average annual salary: $65,810

Job growth of 22%

If you are an analytical and creative person who can persuade anyone with raw data to sell a product, this role is perfect for you.

As a marketing analyst, you will conduct research on consumer habits, competitors, and their products, and present an insightful action plan.

4.    High School Business Teacher

Business teachers in high schools teach introductory business courses (such as business operations, marketing, and management).

Salary: $59,170 on average

76,800 new jobs are expected to be created between 2016 and 2026. (for all high school teachers)

Growth is expected to be 8%. (for all high school teachers)

I suggest a business degree with a B.S. in Business Education. Consider pursuing a business education degree if you enjoy working with students and learning about business principles. This degree will prepare you to teach business fundamentals to 9th-12th graders in an engaging manner. A degree will enable you to create educational tools for teaching business to the next generation of leaders.

5.    Financial Manager

business degree

Annual salary average: $134,180

17%  job growth

A financial manager position is one of the most lucrative and is an excellent example of what you can do with a business degree! As a financial manager, your primary responsibility is to oversee an organization’s financial health. You’ll write financial reports, direct investment activities, analyze market trends, and create long-term financial plans.

6.    Human Resources Specialist

Average annual salary: $63,490

10%  job growth

HR specialist is one of the most sought-after job roles among recent business graduates. You will be in charge of maintaining a firm’s talent quotient by recruiting new professionals and managing the employment factor. You will need to work on recruiting, screening, and interviewing new people, as well as training them once they are on board, to keep the core objective driving from your side. Aside from these, you will be responsible for compensation management, new hire paperwork processing, and complaint resolution.

7.    Account Manager

business degree

What they do: Account managers are responsible for establishing and maintaining mutually beneficial relationships between businesses and clients. What this entails varies by employer, but there is usually a sales component to their work. They’ll spend their time communicating with clients, learning about their needs, and (ideally) selling additional services to meet those needs.

Account management positions are frequently a mix of sales and customer service work they want to maintain a strong working relationship with existing clients as well as push for new business. You’d be a good fit for this role if you enjoy building relationships, listening, and probing for sales opportunities or other areas of concern. Communication will be essential.

8.    Sales Manager

What they do: As you might expect, sales managers manage a team of sales representatives. Setting sales goals, preparing budgets, training sales staff, and planning expansion efforts are all part of this. They may also be asked to assist junior sales representatives in navigating customer questions or complaints, and to weigh in on escalated issues as needed. If you’re a natural salesperson and strategic thinker who enjoys finding ways to push buttons and motivate a team to achieve goals, you’d be a good fit for this role.

9.    Sales Representatives

What they do: Sales representatives are in charge of selling a company’s product or service. They spend their time contacting prospects at various stages of interest in the hopes of starting a conversation about their requirements. During these conversations, they will listen to prospects’ pain points and needs and highlight how their product or service can help.

You’d be a good fit for this role if you’re an excellent communicator (both listening and speaking) and have the ability to persuade others. You’ll also need a strong sense of determination and drive because you’ll most likely be rejected several times.

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