5 Important Things You Need To Know Before Taking That Ultimate Vacation Trip To Dubai In 2020

Things you need to know before taking that ultimate vacation trip to dubai in 2020

5 Important Things You Need To Know Before Taking That Ultimate Vacation Trip To Dubai In 2020

Have you been itching to jet off somewhere, just to get a break from the recent lockdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic? Well, the vacation we think Dubai should be the destination on top of your list. 


Trust when we say a Dubai holiday is all you need to cool off and get rejuvenated for the last quarter of the year. You would agree with us that 2020 has been a lot to handle but a vacation to Dubai will go a long way to make you feel relaxed.


Sparkling coastline marked by beautiful skyscrapers, Dubai is one of the best destinations for a vacation in 2020. In case you’re wondering if it’s safe to travel again, well, we’re happy to tell you, it is.


Since the international airport in Nigeria will be opening up on the 5th of September, 2020, the federal government is implementing safety measures for travellers.


Before you make your trip, you need to have adequate information about your vacation trip to Dubai in 2020. We got you sorted with that.


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5 Important Things You Need To Make A Stress-Free Vacation To Dubai In 2020

If you can pay attention to these points, your holiday trip will be a blast. Here are a few important things you need to help you make your trip hassle-free in 2020.


1. Travel Documents needed

To make a stress-free trip to Dubai, you need some important documents that would qualify you for the trip. Those documents include;

  • Visa: You need to get a visa to gain entry into the city. Guess what? We got you covered on that. Silvercloud Travels offers visa consultancy and application assistance services at a very affordable price. 

All you need to do is contact us today and we’ll get your visa as soon as possible.

  • Passport: Your international passport needs to be available and valid for at least six months from the date of your departure.
  • Credit Card: As a proof of sufficient funds, you’ll need to have a credit card with a minimum of 600 USD (231,954.00 Naira) for a couple.

You could also carry cash along with you but must have been exchanged to AED, commonly called Dirhams.

  • Due to the pandemic, your Covid-19 test result needs to be taken along with you to the airport.
  • A return ticket to your destination (not compulsory).

2. Health Insurance

Getting your health insurance is very important because healthcare is very expensive overseas. So, getting your health insurance will save you a whole of money and we can guarantee you it’s a lifesaver.


3.   Best Visit Period


Dubai has warm weather throughout the year. Although, May to September can get particularly hot. The best thing about this location is that all malls and indoor places are air-conditioned.


December to January can have chilly evenings, so bring lightly warm clothing along.

According to research, the best time to visit Dubai is during the winter months from November to March when the weather is comfortable for sightseeing throughout the day.


Since you have this information, you can make plans ahead by reaching out to us so we can get you the best packages.


4.  Essentials To Pack


Being modest is a big deal in Dubai. So, when packing, you should opt for free and non-revealing outfits. Considering the climate, light and loose cotton clothes would be more comfortable for you.


Bringing first aid kits along with you will also save you from spending on unplanned expenses.


Your sunscreen, sunshades and hats are very important accessories you shouldn’t leave behind because of the weather. To avoid stories that touch, take your charger along with you.


5.   Social Etiquette


In Dubai, social etiquettes are taken seriously and also pretty different from other countries. Being a tourist in a traditional country, it’s important to pay attention to their social values.


  • Women should avoid offering handshakes to men except they’re being offered first.
  • You must take off your footwear in places of worship (mosque) or house of local residents.
  • Avoid photographing local people without their permission.
  • Also, avoid tightly fitted and revealing outfits while you’re on your trip.


We believe that these tips will help you prepare properly for your trip to Dubai in 2020.


Now, you can make this trip without breaking the bank because we have special packages just for you.

If you’re travelling as a couple, that is, sharing the same room. Your package is quite affordable and cheaper. 


The fact that you’re travelling alone, doesn’t mean you’re left out. We have some customized packages for you. All you need to do is contact us by visiting our website, silvercloudtravelsng.com.


You’ll be glad you did!

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