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How to have that dream vacation without breaking the Bank


How to have that dream vacation without breaking the Bank

We have already gone far in 2020! I know many of you have been caught up in the bug of the rush of the year, settling into work and all. But if you just pause a minute, you will remember that, somewhere in your memory, you had heard that traveling to other places and cultures helps to refresh your mind and broaden your horizon, and it does your health a world of wonders. You had therefore thought about having a vacation. Maybe for years. You had been promising yourself that trip to relax and have fun since God knows when. But somehow, you never come around to it, always having some sort of excuse to postpone it. Face it, you think it is very expensive to travel, especially in this country. I understand the times are hard, and the economy is stuttering. But I’ve come to tell you that, in spite of the situation you can still have your dream vacation. How? You ask.

It is actually very easy. First, you need to Create a vacation savings account. This is a very important first step you need to take, because it automatically inspires dedication and commitment, and it also implies that you are serious. Also, it helps realign your attitude towards every income, as you know you have to put something in that account every time you earn. This also forces you to change some lifestyle habits, cut down on frivolities, and fund that account with such monies instead. By the time you have maintained such a habit for the entire year, leading up until the time of your vacation, you will find that the account is funded with substantial cash, and you can then proceed to enjoy your dream vacation. It is important to note that you do not need to plan a vacation that is above your budget. No matter what you earn, there is always a new place you can go to and still have massive fun.

Which brings me to the next point, which is that you have to plan your trip and know exactly where you are going. The importance of this is that it helps you to get excited, and keeps you within the reality of the demands of your trip to that destination. A planned trip is always better than a ‘spur of the moment’ trip, especially in terms of cost. Planning your trip and deciding ahead where you are going will make you find out all you need to, about your destination. You may need a competent trip advisor such as Silvercloud Travels in this regard, but it helps to already know where you want to go. The less surprises, the better for your purse.

Also very important, Plan to spend less on food. Food, tickets and hotels are among the things which always shoot up the expenses incurred on a trip. You do not need to visit every fancy restaurant. You do not need to try out every attractive cuisine. You can plan to make do with the usual food items and the common ones you know. It is also safe, in the sense that not all foods are agreeable to your stomach.

This last one is one of the most valuable secrets of those who seem to be able to travel always, so you should pay attention. It is that If you can, target the off-season for travel. This is because, at those times of the year, those off seasons when tourists are not pouring into choice destinations of the world in their thousands, the charges for most services are low. Therefore you automatically spend less without having any less fun. You visit the same sites and places, have the same tours while spending far less. The goal is to have fun and create memories. It is not compulsory to do it when every other person is doing it. Very smart isn’t it?

Make sure you have that vacation this year. Have a fabulous and memorable year!

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