Cost of Living in Canada for Students

Cost of Living

Cost of Living in Canada for Students

Continuing your education in Canada gives you an internationally recognized education from one of the world’s top academic institutions. If you’re considering moving to Canada, you should be aware of the cost of living. Living costs for international students in Canada are affordable and manageable if you plan your expenses. The average cost of living in Canada as a student ranges from 15,000 CAD to 20,000 CAD, depending on your  lifestyle and preferences.

This varies by province in Canada. To discuss tuition fees, most academic institutions in Canada offer courses with tuition fees that fall within $15,000 CAD range. Furthermore, the monthly cost of living in Canada for a single student is 880 CAD without rent. Therefore, understanding your financial situation and developing a monthly budget should be top priorities.

To assist you in getting started, we’ve estimated the cost of living in Canada below.

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Estimated Cost of Living

Below is the estimated cost of living in Canada

1.    Living Expenses

When choosing where to study in Canada, consider the following:

Which province do I want to study in?
Which school and program is right for me?
Do I want to live on- or off-campus?

These answers will provide you with a solid foundation for developing the living expenses portion of your budget. Rural areas are typically less expensive than urban areas. Living expenses in Toronto are the highest of any major city in Canada, while Montreal and Quebec City are the most affordable.

In Canada, on-campus and off-campus (urban) housing costs roughly the same. However, because mandatory meal plans are frequently incorporated into on-campus living, you may save more money on groceries by living on-campus. Depending on your diet, you could save anywhere from C$2,200 to C$2,700 per academic year on food.

We’ve provided a rough estimate of the cost of living in Canada below (as of April 2022).

On-Campus Housing – CAD$9,125 Per Academic Year
Off-Campus Housing – CAD$8,819 Per Academic Year
On-Campus Food – CAD$1,000 Per Academic Year
Off-Campus Food – 3,200 to CAD$3,700
Laundry – CAD$200 Per Academic Year
Healthcare- CAD$0 to CAD$900 Per Academic Year
Personal Hygiene/Miscellaneous- CAD$1,000 Per Academic Year

2.    Utilities

Utility bills are frequently overlooked, but they can significantly increase your monthly living expenses. 

It is important to understand what they entail and which factors to consider when budgeting for them. If you plan to live in off-campus, unless your basic utilities are included in your monthly rent, you can expect to pay monthly bills for your:

These bills fluctuate depending on how many roommates you have, where you live, your lifestyle, the local climate, and city and regional regulations. Include the cost of internet and television in your budget. Fortunately, if you live on-campus, your basic utilities and, in most cases, your WiFi will be included in the price of your living accommodations.You must cover the cost of your mobile phone whether you live on or off campus. Check to see if your provider offers discounted packages for international students.Ask your landlord, realtor, or apartment manager about the average utility cost. If you don’t have access to one, use a cost of living calculator like Numbeo.

Off-Campus Utilities – CAD$1,000 to CAD$1,350 Per Academic Year
Off-Campus Internet – CAD$650 Per Academic Year
Mobile Phone – CAD$650 to CAD$800 Per Academic Year

3.    Leisure

Studying abroad is more than just getting an excellent education; it’s also about the experiences and fun you’ll have along the way. That is why we recommend allocating a portion of your budget to leisure activities.

Consider what brings you joy when deciding what to include in this category. If you enjoy going to concerts, spend your money on live performances once or twice a month. Alternatively, if you enjoy a good old-fashioned dinner and movie night, budget for that too.

The great thing about this part of your budget is that it is entirely up to you. If your wallet is hurting more than usual one month, you can choose to stay in on a few Friday nights to help reduce your spending. Remember that balance is important.

Clothing – CAD$800 to CAD$2,000 Per Academic Year
Entertainment – CAD$800 to CAD$1,000 Per Academic Year
Movie Theater Tickets – CAD$12 to CAD$17
Pint of Beer – CAD$6 to CAD$7.50
Eating Out – CAD$20 to CAD$45 Per Month

4.    Transportation and Academic Supplies

It’s important to calculate how much time you’ll spend getting to and from your classes, library, gym, and grocery store. Depending on where you live in Canada, you might find yourself taking the train, bus, Uber, or taxi. Check to see if your school provides student discounts for public transportation. Another advantage of living on campus is that you’ll save money on transportation because most amenities are within walking distance.

The key to saving money on academic supplies is to be proactive, organized, and resourceful. Begin looking for textbooks as soon as you receive your semester’s reading list. If possible, rent them or buy the used ones from your academic institution’s bookstore, Facebook Marketplace, or Kijiji. To be safe, if you’re buying them online, go with a friend and do a porch pick-up. Reuse pens, paper, and binders whenever possible, and go to campus job fairs to get free branded stationery.

Tip: Public transportation can consume a significant amount of your time. To pass the time and keep up with your workload, do your class readings while taking public transportation.

On-Campus Transportation – CAD$0 to CAD$200
Off-Campus Transportation – CAD$0 to CAD$1,000
This are basic things you need to put on consideration when estimating your cost of living in Canada. Although Canada is known for being an expensive country, but the exquisite experience it provides is well worth the price. With a reasonable tuition fee and lifestyle, Canada cost of living for students are under a reasonable budget. In other to reduce your cost of living, you need to cut your expenses.

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