4 High Demand Career Options to Pursue in 2023


4 High Demand Career Options to Pursue in 2023

It’s common to think about our goals as we start the new year. Many international students have goals related to their health, relationships, or career growth. If you want to study for a high-demand career with plenty of rewarding job opportunities, we’ve got you covered! Begin the new year strong by selecting or pivoting to a thriving career path that matches your skills. Continue reading for our list of high demand career to consider in 2023.

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Construction Trades

Is it your desire to work somewhere other than a cubicle? Take a look at the skilled trades! Construction industry job prospects are promising, whether you want to be an electrician or a carpenter. This is partly due to labor shortages and intense competition for skilled workers. According to the UK’s Office for National Statistics, there are an estimated 244,000 fewer construction workers in 2020 than in 2019.

In Canada, a low unemployment rate for construction workers in 2023 and a workforce that is expected to retire at a high rate over the next decade indicate that the job market is competitive: employers must do more to attract workers.

As a result, colleges and universities are responding to the shortage by providing future-oriented skilled trade programs, many of which include apprenticeships. An apprenticeship can help you connect with future employers while also gaining valuable work experience all while you’re still in school.

Are you considering studying in Canada? Look for a program that has received Red Seal certification. The Red Seal certifies your ability to practice your trade anywhere in the country and covers 56 different skilled trades. Do you want to work somewhere else after you graduate? While Red Seals are only formally recognized in Canada, international employers frequently respect them.

Registered Nurses and Nurse Practitioners

In many countries, registered nurses and nurse practitioners are in high demand. Job openings in the United States are expected to increase by 46% between 2021 and 2031. This occupation is growing at a faster rate than any other!

Nursing job vacancies in England alone have remained “stubbornly high” at nearly 40,000 open positions throughout the pandemic, according to Patricia Marquis, Royal College of Nursing (RCN) Director for England. Many health care facilities in the United Kingdom are constantly looking for new employees.

Meanwhile, the National Skills Commission of Australia “predicts Australia will require 250,000 more skilled health and social care workers just in the next five years,” according to a May 2022 article in The Age. Nurse practitioners and registered nurses are only two components of the health-care system, but their contributions to front-line care make them indispensable.

Health employers around the world are experiencing both high growth and turnover as a result of factors such as an aging workforce, funding austerity, and the COVID-19 pandemic. Fortunately, new graduates bring up-to-date skills, technological savvy, and a lot of energy to their jobs. These characteristics make their applications appealing to employers.

Working as a registered nurse or nurse practitioner is a demanding profession. You’ll meet people who are going through difficult times, but you can also help them recover and heal. Working in health sciences is one way to achieve your dream of becoming a real-life superhero!


Advertising and Marketing Managers

Consider a career in advertising or marketing if you are a creative person who is interested in psychology and storytelling. In the United States, job growth in this sector is expected to increase by 10% between 2021 and 2031. This is higher than average and may indicate excellent job opportunities for recent graduates. Social media and digital marketing specialists are in high demand among advertising and marketing professionals.

Marketing is an excellent choice if you enjoy working from home/remotely. According to LinkedIn’s 2022 Marketing Jobs Outlook report, the percentage of marketing job posts classified as “remote” in North America increased 121%. Meanwhile, remote opportunities increased by 77% year on year in the Asia Pacific region. While remote job postings did not grow as quickly in Europe and the Middle East, they did grow by 56%.

Information Security

Computer science is a popular major career among international students. Many of these students go into information security after graduating. In the United States, employment in information security is expected to grow 35% over the next eight years, much faster than the average occupational growth.

Globally, the cybersecurity field is expected to grow by 14% by 2029. This means a healthy job market in many countries. As of January 2023, over 14,000 cyber security jobs remained unfilled in the United Kingdom. Although tech roles have been volatile in 2022, cybersecurity is more resilient. As Simon Hepburn, CEO of the UK’s Cyber Security Council, told ZDNET:

Leaving an organization vulnerable to cyber-attacks exposes it to operational dysfunction, revenue loss, and significant reputational damage… These are not the kinds of risks that businesses will want to take.

From the rise of online data storage to an increase in cybercrime (some reports estimate a 600% increase after 2020), new employees bring technical and ethical skills to the workplace, protecting personal and corporate information.

Do you enjoy technical challenges and excel at math and data analysis? Information security could be an excellent career path!

These are just a few of the top career options to consider in 2023. Visit reputable sites like: if you want more career options and employment trends.

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